Episode 2: Knowledge and Learning (released May 12, 2014)

The perceived value of data, basic information and fact-based human knowledge is becoming increasingly commoditised by the efficiency and sheer horse-power of digital technologies. Any Internet user can now look up, find out and tap into almost any information, anywhere, anytime – and very soon, artificial intelligence and so-called cognitive computing will become as normal as sending an SMS. The traditional education paradigm of just-in-case learning is being challenged by the just-in-time learning approach that the Internet seems to afford. As a result, human ingenuity and intuition (‘knowing without knowing’), creativity, social or emotional intelligence and a new kind of wisdom will matter increasingly. Are we moving on from the industrial/information age and its left-brain emphasis to a kind of right-brain renaissance, and will we see a new triumph of creativity, storytelling and imagination? Or will machines and software ‘eat our world’ and turn us into useless ‘wetware’?  What skills do we need to teach ourselves or our children so that they can he happy and prosper 5-10 years from now? How will they be successful in those jobs that haven’t even been invented yet? What will happen to educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities, and will degrees and certificates still be as valuable as they are today? If learning is a lifelong ‘flow’ and in-demand instead of just-in-case, how will our educational systems evolve? Watch Gerd Leonhard’s talk on the Future of Learning (Learning Tech Conf 2013). Watch Gerd Leonhard’s talk on the Future of Education and Universities (Utrecht 2013). Listen to Gerd’s Edutalk podcast on the future of knowledge and learning.  Download Gerd Leonhard on Radio Edutalk Take a look at my 100+ presentations on Slideshare, or download my free books etc from GerdCloud.com (my public dropbox folder). Read my blog posts on Education and Training. Watch TFS Episode 1: Privacy Failure Watch the TFS Introduction

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