Episode 4: the coming automation of everything (released June 9, 2014)

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Many activities and tasks that were previously done manually will increasingly be done automatically, i.e. by machines or by smart technology and ultra-intelligent software. Witness what Google maps or the now Google-owned Waze offers compared to printed maps or even navigation devices, and what Google Now dishes up compared to old-fashioned task lists and paper-based calendars. Automation is everywhere, from driving and traffic to dating to health services to search, social media, data-storage and cloud computing. Automation often offers unprecedented convenience, speed and tantalising ease of use – imagine if an Amazon drone could indeed deliver your desired goods within 30 minutes, or if Google could generate automated research reports with a click of a button. But should everything be automated- or otherwise mediated – just because it can? Should everyone have their DNA tested before going on a serious date just because it my be almost free (and automatic) to do so?  Is the already rampant ‘outsourcing of our brains’ to mobile devices and cloud-based services really a good idea, once taken to the extreme? Last but not least, the process of automation also has huge implications for jobs, work and education (see episode 3) – where will this trend take us in the next 5-10 years?

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